Relaxation and Entertainment

Available on request
bora bora relax
In order for the special day you'll spend on our private island to be a pleasant mix of relaxation and entertainment, we would like to offer you 3 options available on request :
Receiving a delicate soothing massage, enjoying balmy Polynesian vibrations with a Tahitian traditional band or trying your hand at Polynesian handicrafts with a small group of local crafts people.

Relaxing Massage

A perfect day
Massage option private island
Make your stay on our private island an absolute delight for your senses.
Let the tranquility and comfort of our motu inspire you and treat yourself to a massage session that will not fail to deeply relax you and help you spend
a perfect peaceful day on motu Haapiti.

Traditional Polynesian Band

Island music
Band Musician Bora Bora
Nothing better than traditional music can convey the authentic atmosphere of a place on Earth.
Through the use of ukuleles and guitars, our traditionnal Tahitian band will immerse you in the warm spirit of the Polynesian islands with local songs that reflect the joy and sweetness of life one can only experience
living in these sunny latitudes.

Handmade art and crafts

polynesian flower
Discover with a group of kind and generous craftspeople who are willing to share their craft how the Polynesians use simple vegetal elements to create practical and decorative objects.
Learn how from mere pandanus dried leaves, one can obtain a solid bag or how out of simple coconut fibers one can create a delicate necklace.
A great occasion for you to make your own souvenir from Bora-Bora.